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Our frames

Rectangular picture frames


Circle picture frames

Oval / circle

Polyhedral picture frames


Optional form picture frames

Optional form

Bronze mirror frames


Silver picture frames


Gold picture frames


Combined coating picture frames

Combined coat.

Empire style picture frames

Empire style

Baroque style picture frames

Baroque style

Rococo style picture frames

Rococo style

Avant-garde picture frames


Reasonable picture frames


Collection picture frames


Luxurious picture frames


Exclusive picture frames


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How we made frames

Wood frames

The basis of the future
frame is made
from wood profile*

Hand made frames

Moulded elements
are made from natural
mastic (old formulation)

Old frames

A master makes figured
details and holes
by hand only

Better picture frames

The finish coat
makes after the frame
had drain out

Moulded frame

If it's neccessary
we could add the glance
to the moulded ornament

frame ageing

And we can make
our frame look
older by patina

Red and gold frame

If combined coat
is used, frame details
are painted by hand
Potail frame

We can coat frame
by potail or gold leaf
for a special order
Tare for frame

When the frame is made
we attache the accessories
and pack it to the tare

The full cycle of frame production requires about 30 days

(45 days for potail and gold frames)

After that you get the real museum quality frame,

which makes you happy during many long years. Without casting, without discoloration, without annoyance.

* - the base of oval frames we make from special mdf. Traditional wood part agglutination technology is able too, but it could make you some problems with wood cracking in the future! For more information please contact us.

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Our customers references

picture frame reference



Everything is okay! Thank you very much! Colour of the frame harmonised with embroider colour. :-) And work was done in time!

picture frame opinion


Moscow region

Good day! Today I've got frames. Incredible beauty. Thanks a million! And I want to thank you for carefully and effective work!

customer opinion



Pictures in your frames looks as wonder! Unearthly beauty! Thank you very much for your work!

Mirror frame opinion



I've got a frame, everythin is okay. It was a plasure to work with you. Thank you.

Oval frame reference



The frame suits ideally. Color is what I need. There were no problems with mount and with suspension of frame.

Summary: I'm very satisfied. I don't know anybody in my town who could make such a frame.

Thank you very much for the frame and for supporting my order! I will recommend you to my friends.

Отзыв рама для картины



I was need a frame for 19-th century's picture copy. It was framed by factory-made baguette. But it wasn't a good decision. The picture had been loosing in the interior. I wanted an unique and especially frame. So I'd went to your frame atelier.

I've choose a frame and your considerate personal had answered for all my questions about frame geometry, ornament and finish coat.

As a result I've got a real museum quality frame. The picture and the frame matched ideally. And the price was a nice surprise, because such frame in other places costs more expensive.

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Just compare:

Hand made museum frames

Factory-made baguette

picture frame

Frame corner

picture baguet
The corners are harmonised and logically finished because of moulded corner rosettes

The corners trimming lets you always know about factory-made parentage of frame

baguette frames

frame parts

frames baguet
Central moulded rosettes make your frame unique, exquisite and charming

In case of factory-made baguette you are limited by standard ornament

museum frame

The wealth
of choice

wood frames
The numbers of profile, ornament and coating combinations is not limited

Your choise is always limited by a few hundreds of standard baguette variants

hand made frames


factory made frames
You can customize your order down to the smallest details

You can only chose the type of frame profile and frame size


Place into

Handmade frames are creating for oil paintings, portraits, landscapes. They are purchasing by museums and private collectors. Such frames are living long lives together with the paintings and always will remain relevant

Factory-made frames are usually used for photos, posters, modular pictures, reproductions e.t.c.
You will not regret to be free of these things when the next relocation or renovation will have come

old baguette

The uniqueness
of performance

old baguet
Each hand-made frame is unique and unrepeatable. That makes it expressive and "alive"

The decorative pattern of factory-made baguette is repeated with mechanical accuracy. Such frame looks "dead"

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How to order

If you already know that frame do you need:

To order frame from catalog send to us the next information:

 - name of frame (article);
 - picture / mirror size;
 - type of coating;
 - additional info.

Рамы для картин купить
Your name:


Frame's name (article) and size:

We will contact with you to discuss details:

 - the format of our cooperation;
 - the way of payment;
 - packing demands ;
 - shipment variant.

Рамы для картин заказать

If you need help to pick suitable frame:

If you don't know that frame you need, how it will fit your interior; haven't found the neccessary variant in our catalogue...

Just write your task to us!

Рамы для картин изготовить
Your name:


Describe your task to us:

We will offer you a choice of different frames using our experience and professional designers opinion.

We won't leave you without a solution!

Рамы для картин сделать

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We've made the frames delivery simple and safety. Our special containers protect frame from mechanical damages, dirtying and unvanted views. You can use road, sea or aviatransportation on any distance.

Рамы картинные
Our frame containers
protect your order
from curious look
Рамы музейные
Durable enclosure box
protect frame from
vibration and impact

Рамы для картин прямоугольные
Humidity and temperature
surges are compinsed
by wood case
Рамы для картин овальные
Special symbols
provide careful
frame handling
Рамы для картин произвольные
Folding handles make
container loading
simple and useful

Рамы картинные
Different sized containers
are suitable for
different frames
Рамы музейные
Transport companies take
our containers to ship
without problems

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