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The birth of real museum picture frames

19-th century technology

Nowadays walls of frame shops present factory production profiles. There is a great variety of material to produce a frame: plastic, aluminum and even liquid wood. In general the main aim to produce more frames quickly and less costly. In chase for sales volumes the uniqueness of frame is dropped. Of cause, if you need a frame for a photo, a poster or map a factory production profileу is the most suitable decision. But if you have a real masterpiece then the frame should be unique and made by hand.

Picture frame making

СWe want to solve the mystery and explain how museum picture frames are produced. Such frames can be found on exhibition venues, in storeroom and in rich houses and interiors.

Wood frames

The first step is selection of material for the base of a future frame. Wood is to be dried in special way, be smooth, without any curve, resin pockets, twigs and traces of bugs. It is very difficult to find high quality wood. Depending on the order the base of frame can be from coniferous breed or hardwood. Exotic species of wood are rarely used.

Wood baguette profile

The next step is manufacturing of the notched profile. Large and heavy frames are made from glued profiles. That way helps to reduce weight and enhance strength of the frame. You can combine some profiles as you want. Combined profiles are gashed in size and connected with each other. The base of the frame is made.

Stucco moulding       Moulded frame       Hand made picture frame

You need natural mastic for molding decoration. Natural mastic is more rigid than stucco. Its service life is not limited in normal conditions. Every master keeps the composition of mastic in secret. Its major components are chalk and joiner's glue. The master kneads it by hand. It needs some time to ripen. Excess are circumcised by hand. The finished item is put on the base of the frame. The drying time – 7 – 14 days. It depends on different conditions.

Frame finishing coating       Adding glittering coating       Picture frame ageing

When molding items are completely dry, the frame is to be prepared for finishing coating. Depending on finishing coating the master uses different materials. It is time for a finisher’s work when the frame is covered by the main paint. Не adds sparkle to molding items, ages it or put enough patina.

Combined finish coating

There are a lot of work peculiarities at every production step, but everything is done for customer’s pride.




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